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BRUCE Pile Driving Equipment & Piling Equipment is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier in pile driving industries and construction machinery industries during decade under trademark of BRUCE with worldwide qualified reputation. Shinsegae Powerquip has been growing as a worldwide company distributing it into USA, Hong Kong, South America, Russia, Norway, Eastern Europe, Poland, Oceania, China, Southeast Asia and so on. BRUCE's highly qualified hydraulic impact pile driving hammer, onshore hydraulic pile driving hammer, offshore hydraulic pile driving hammer, rotary drilling head, vibratory hammer and piling accessories deliver not only qualified economical solution also various piling solution and modification to suit job through most wide application experience in the world.

pile hammer
  1. Full model Line Up and most wide selectable Bruce pile driver products among world reputable manufacturers
  2. Energy ranging from 2.4 ton.m (24 kJ, 24 kNm) to 90 ton.m (883 kJ, 883 kNm) and other large size can be supplied
  3. Various pile material, size and shape such as concrete pile, steel casing pile, H-Beam pile, sheet pile and round shape, octagonal shape, square shape can be driven
  4. Various hammer mounting type is suitable and provided such as fixed leader type from piling rig, crane suspended type, U-Type leads, mounting to customer owns base machine and other types as well.
  5. Not only Bruce hydraulic hammers are suitable to most pile driving capability on shore condition also suitable for offshore pile driving even optionally under water driving up to 5m.
  6. Wide modification and adoptable accessories for any kind of pile driving condition such as Rapid speed of Dynamic Compaction works, sheet pile driving and other ideal application is provided

  7. BRUCE Power Pack compatible to Bruce Pile Hammer and Vibratory Hammer ranging from 150 HP to 1200 HP

    All round Capability of Excavator Mounted Hammer & Leader Accessories for multi-purpose of pile job.
  8. A preferred and economical soluction for your Company budget
  9. Easy Connection pins are made to use a bucket quickly

  10. BRUCE Vibro Hammer is provided with wide applicable and selectable in many case of pile driving condition below
  11. Excavator mounted vibro hammer with hydraulically rotatable device ranging from 18 ton to 50 ton excavator
pile driving equipment